Distributed blogging

If you live your online social life in more than one place - Twitter, Facebook, and one or more blogs - you're presented with a choice: keep everything in one place, or spread it out? There are pros and cons to both: keeping your stuff centralised - having one place for all your blog posts, projects and other gubbins - means people only have to go to one place to find you. But if you're already on Twitter, you can't expect to bring that network to you, so you're already spreading yourself anyway.

It's taken me a while, but I think I'm finally in a position to settle into a new way of working, which could wankily be termed "distributed blogging". Because I have a few disparate interests - a couple of podcasts that I update now and again, a bit of silly musical work, a professional blog and a few other projects which have periodic updates - I've decided to take my stuff to the places that can host them best.

I tried first with Posterous, and while they've got a great, simple way of posting and uploading - it can all be done via email - it seems littered with tiny little faults that can add up; things that you don't get when you centralise everything, and thus have total control. I found it difficult to post code snippets, and there's not nearly the same community that exists around Tumblr or WordPress.

So, although I work with WordPress on a near daily basis and think a lot of it is poorly written, WordPress.com is just ace, so I'm back here after 3 or 4 years of self-hosting. And it feels really good. There's plenty of themes to choose from, I can upload stuff easily (also via email, although with a slightly less memorable email address than the one Posterous provides), and my blogs form part of a wider sphere thanks to the WordPress dashboard and the Tag Surfing thing.

But if you do spread your stuff around, I think you still need one place where people can go to find you: a definitive "this is me" page, even if it's only effectively a business card, with links to your other profiles. That's why moxypark.co.uk was rebuilt as a lightweight portfolio site. It lets me talk about and link off to my professional and extracurricular work, aswell as keep track of all my posts in all my various blogs. So effectively it's the best of both worlds. Read my stuff on moxypark.co.uk, or on WordPress, or not at all (which is more likely).

I've been something of an Internet nomad for a long while now, dragging my slowly-swelling bag of blogothoughts behind me, so I think it's about time that I settled down (hopefully there'll be more on that in a later post). But why settle in one place when you can spread yourself out like a cat that doesn't want to budge from the bed?

Hello. I'm Moxy, and with a bit of luck you'll be seeing a lot more of me! (The "block" button's just over there, 'k).

Posted on Jan. 21, 2011 (No comments)