Social experiments

Social experiments

I've been playing around with my blog for the past week, tinkering with different social plugins and trying to find the right balance and method to make my site half lifestream, half blog, half portfolio, and 200% numerically sound.

The challenges as I see them are

  • how do you keep from over-posting?
  • how do you avoid diluting your blog?
  • how do you prevent looping?
  • what's the best plugin?
Looping in this sense might be a bit overstated, but the problem I have noticed is that, although I told Twitter not to post to Facebook, if I post to Twitter and my blog pulls in my tweets as blog posts, it publishes those to my Facebook feed as standard WordPress posts. A problem.

I still haven't found the right plugin, or combination thereof, to fix this. So, in time-honoured Moxy tradition I'm going to have to write my own. blogs have a Publicize option, which hasn't made it over to yet (a real shame), so in its place I'm going to try and work on something extensible, so I can write one plugin which works with services like Twitter and Facebook (maybe even Flickr), but allows people to write their own "connectors".

I still like the idea of pulling in short bits of text: quotes, asides and status updates look quite cool on the blog (I think) and give it that social timeline feel. But I don't want every tweet to clutter up my blog, so how do I distinguish them? With a hashtag maybe? Or do I favourite them, and only pull in my favourites tweets? Or lastly, do I setup another Twitter account which RTs my tweets and posts them as tweets on the blog.

OK, my head's spinning now. Time to do thinking.

Marge, give me your address book, four beers, and my conversation hat.