WordPress to Buffer

WordPress to Buffer

My new plugin, the snappily named WordPress to Buffer has been implemented on my own site, thus giving it a bit more testing. And, oddly enough, it seems to work.

What it does is connects to your Buffer account - you have to create an app at bufferapp.com - then put the necessary details into the plugin's settings. Once done, you can choose which profiles you want to post to, whenever you create a new WordPress post. When the post is published, it's added to your buffer. Simples!

It should also work with posts published via the mobile app or anything else using WordPress' API to publish, and should even work with scheduled posts. It works well with post formats, and sends along any attached images to Facebook.

In the future I want to allow profiles to be unticked by default, and add a "Post now" tickbox, so it bypasses the buffer and goes straight out to Twitter and/or Facebook.

I think though that, due to a cockup my end (f'nar f'nar), people who've downloaded the first iteration of the plugin may not get updates about future releases. That's hopefully fixed in the version I've just submitted, but I'm still not absolutely clear how their update system works.

But it's looking good so far. Do check it out if you have a WordPress blog and a Buffer account, and you'd like to save some bother. And if you have any issues, get in touch!