Squarespace: a better way to cook.

You probably listen to one or more of the same podcasts I do, so you know all about Squarespace from their relentless ads.

I think 2009 me would be horrified to find I was using any kind of off-the-shelf, hosted solution for my website when I could build something perfectly fine in PHP or Python or C#... or even ASP.

Except, it's not really that simple, and at 34 and having built content management systems for well over 15 years, I honestly have nothing to prove.

I'm writing this on holiday, having "built" this site in the odd hours of downtime where I couldn't really be bothered to do much more than sip coffee and pass the occasional comment. It's been a really enjoyable process, and I can attest to how good Squarespace is as a service, and know that none of the CMSs I've built can come close to the power and flexibility this service provides. So it seems like a massive no-brainer to me.

If I were a jobbing developer looking to prove my prowess, I'd probably do something more techie like a static file-based blog hosted on GitHub, like all the kids are doing these days. But I don't have anything to prove in that regard, as the work I actually do, speaks for itself. That may sound arrogant... and maybe it is... but right now it's how I feel.