Turbulent times with Titanium revisited

Two weeks ago I submitted the first vernon of the Meegloo app to the iOS App Store. It's been a bumpy road ever since. The app was first rejected on the - fair - grounds that it had the word "alpha" in it, which is explicitly mentioned in their guidelines (I'd forgotten to take it out). There was also a small user interface issue which persisted with the second submission. Having fixed that, I was surprised to have my app rejected a third time on the grounds that it used a "non-public API". At this stage I want to make it clear that I'm 100% behind the App Store approval process. It makes for better apps, better user-experience and thus happier users. Every time I get a note from Apple, it's a point at which the app can be improved, and it's forcing me to make a better product. Great. The speed at which they work is frustrating (with each review cycle taking about 4 days), but I don't think we can reasonably expect anything quicker, considering it's a human process.

The last issue, regarding "non-public APIs" is seemingly due to Appcelerator's developers (who make a product called Titanium, which allows iOS and Android apps to be built in JavaScript) using the word "layout" in various points throughout their code, which is (again seemingly) being mistaken by Apple as a use of a non-public API. I don't know how Apple's - presumably automated - process reaches that conclusion, but reach it they did.

Appcelerator have worked overtime to try and resolve the issue, but unfortunately I'm a bit stuck, as the first solution they tried still contained errors, and I've used that, still problematic version of their kit to build my app for submission. Apple unfortunately don't seem to have a way to cancel the review process or upload an alternative app whilst it's "in review", so it seems all I can do is wait for the inevitable rejection before I resubmit with the new Titanium SDK fix.

I'm deeply concerned about the time it's taking to get this app out, as the whole site hinges on a good mobile offering, but at this stage Apple need to do their thing, and I need to be patient... something I'm really really bad at.

I know the title of this post probably looks like I have big beef with Appcelerator or their product, but I don't. They moved so quickly and worked so hard to get the fix out that I really can't complain, and it's my own fault for taking the first build and not waiting for confirmation form the development community.

But still, I'm resigned to not having an app in the Store for the 16th, but I do have a great product and it will see the light of day.