My biggest projects

I started developing web and desktop applications in the late 20th century. I specialise in content management systems, and applications that bring culture and creativity to life.

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In 2016, after running a podcast but never quite being happy with the hosting options available, I decided to start my own, very much with a minimum viable product in mind. After opening the doors to the world in March 2017, it's enjoyed incredible growth with £0 spent on marketing. In my nearly two decades of development, Podiant is so far the best thing I've ever done.

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Nymbol focuses on providing content for the cultural and heritage sector. It's now used by the biggest public library in Europe, the home of British motorsport, and a number of cultural organisations throughout the world.


Super-secret mystery project

I'm now collaborating with a team on a new project which is as exciting as it is secret. It's to do with podcasting, and I hope to be able to release more information soon. But for now, together with Podiant, it will take up the lion's share of my working time.