What I'm doing right now

If you're seeing this, it's either 'cos I've directed you to the page – in which case, hi! – or because you've been redirected from a previous site, most likely Bloomsbury Digital. That company's winding up after a very successful two years, so here's what I'm doing now.

Running Podiant

Most of my day-to-day involves running the podcast hosting and production company Podiant, which I founded in 2016. It's the best thing I've ever done.

Hosting podcasts

Right now I host


I perform most Thursday nights at the Patrick Kavanagh pub in Moseley, as part of the Fat Penguin Improvised Comedy troupe. I'm not good; I just really enjoy doing it.

Writing on my blog

Since I'm trying to use Twitter less, I've decided to keep my blog more up-to-date. This is my blog.

Writing daily updates

In place of Twitter, I'm playing with micro.blog. Here's my timeline.

I work mostly from Impact Hub in Birmingham.
I live in Stirchley, Birmingham.
I have two cats.

I got the idea for this page from Graham Allcott, who in turn got it from Derek Sivers.