Photo taken from video of my DjangoCon 2017 talk

Since the late 20th century, I've built websites and applications to make people's creative lives easier. I eat my own dog food.


Work ethos

I've always been a quick study, and so as a bit of a generalist, this means I can adapt to new technologies or working methods quickly. I don't deal in certainties, preferring instead to listen and learn and occasionally doubt myself, than to assume my "tried and tested" means are automatically right.

We like to argue like we’re right, but listen like we’re wrong.
— Jordan Harbinger, the Art of Charm Podcast

Some atypical career highlights

  • Presenting regular shows on local Internet radio stations
  • Producing a frequent, positive news show which made it to Apple Podcasts' New & Noteworthy list in its first few days
  • Building content management systems that have been used by companies like Poundland in the West Midlands and the British Council's library in Pakistan
  • Giving talks in Cardiff, Warsaw and Florence
  • Presenting the award for the Comedy category at the British Podcast Awards, 2017
  • Building a Twitter tool that was used by the Guardian Media Group
  • Recording over a dozen audiobooks with Audible